How Does it Work?

Using either the magnetic or removeable adhesive Sticky Yard™, stick it on almost any object. A vehicle, a window, a sign, a wall, a boat...

Then grab a digital camera and take a photo of the object with the Sticky Yard™ on it. For best results, stand perpendicular to the object, and take the photo at the highest resolution possible.

Later on, download the photo onto your computer and bring it up in the Sticky Yard™ Digital Measuring System™ software.

First zoom in on the Sticky Yard™. Then click on each end of the Sticky Yard™ to scale the image.

Click on one end of the measurement you want to take, and then the other end. The Sticky Yard™ Digital Measuring System™ software draws the lines and stamps the measurements right on the image.

Save the image and email it. Print the image and add to your project folder.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can measure any part of the object right from the photograph!

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